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LiDA aims at raising the data analysis competence of students, scientists and other researchers as well as increasing the abilities of scientists and other researchers in Lithuania to achieve excellence in conducting  quantitative and qualitative research. Thus, one of the key activity of LiDA is to establish coherent training programme with regular spring and autumn methodological seminars.

 In 2010-2011 LiDA has organised 9 training seminars in Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipeda and Siauliai. The seminars cover the following topics: “Descriptive Quantitative Data Analysis“,  “Analysis of Quantitative Data in On-line Archives“,  “Secondary Quantitative Data Analysis", Analysis of Social Survey Data“, „ Inferential Statistics in Social Sciences“, „ Introduction to Correlation and Regression  Analysis“, „ Applied Multivariate Regression Analysis“, „Logistic Regression in Social Research”,  „ Fuzzy Sets Qualitative Comparative Analysis“ .

LiDA has also organised 2 international Data Confrontation Seminars that have been conducted by international experts on the following topics:  „International survey data analysis”, „Problems of Survey Research: Methodology and Excellence“  . For  more detailed infromation see Training News.

The  methodological training materials are published  on LiDA portal in the following thematical groups: methodological packages,  methodological training material, e-learning.

Methodological packages and training material are in Lithuanian, except the material of International Data Confrontation seminars


Nr.1  2009 07–11
Nr.2  2009 12–2010 02
Nr.3  2010 03–05
Nr.4  2010 06–08
Nr.5  2010 09-11
Nr.6  2010 12 - 2011 02
Nr. 7 2011 03-05
Nr.8 2011 06-08
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